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Drawing machine

Stranding machine Buttwelding machine Rolling Mill Spring &Coling Straightening Bobin & Reel Gearbox Pointing Machine
Rolling Cassettes

Main Products that can be obtained with our machines, lines and plants

-      To process high, medium and low carbon steel wire and it's alloys;Stainless
       steel wire , special metallic wires and special wires.

-      Stranding machine for low carbon and high carbon steel wire.

-      The program spring coiler machine for spring maker and tooling parts.

-      Buttwelding machine for steel wire.

-      The machine tool , wire straighteners, Cones and rings for wire drawing
       machines, wire pulling in dogs and descaling machine

-      Tungstain carbine dies and Presure dies for steel wires and the machine
       for Dies polishing, Dies inspection microscope, pneumatic die polishing
       spindle,Needle gringing machine and dies grinding machine.Include
       Accessories for dies working and grinding.

-      Lubricant for wet and dry drawing steel wire, Chemical for galvanize line
       and CO2 welding wires.

-      Complete mills for welding tube manafacturing.

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